Frequently Asked Questions

When can I perform the assessment?

  • You may undertake the assessment as long as you have connected to the internet at anytime and from anywhere.

Can I search the definition of certain terms used in the assessment?

  • Yes, you may refer to the glossary section.

Why did I fail the assessment?

  • Your organization has failed in the assessment because you may have not :

    1. Passed Section A; or
    2. obtain full marks in Section B; or
    3. reach at least 60% from full marks in Section C; or
    4. fulfill the minimum requirement of 80% in overall assessment.

Why cannot I proceed to Section B of the assessment?

  • You must pass Section A which includes the fundamental questions of the assessment. The term ‘fundamental’ is further defined in the glossary section.

What should I do when I pass the assessment?

  • You need to write officially to the Department of Registration and Standardization of MOHE, informing them of your result and plan for your institution to be upgraded.

What should I do if I fail the assessment?

  • Please refer to the Full Analysis at the Score Summary section which reveals the specific question(s) that you failed to satisfy and improve on them. You may try again whenever you are ready.

What kind of evidence is needed to support my application?

  • Please refer to HELP section under the EVIDENCE drop down menu.

Will the answers and result of the assessment be publicized?

  • MOHE assures the confidentiality of the assessment and considers all information as private and confidential.


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