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This web-based self assessment instrument is designed to help you to self-assess your institution’s readiness to be upgraded from a non-university status institution to a university college status or a university college to a university status. The aim of this self-assessment exercise amongst others is to ensure each Private Higher Education Institution has a strong structure (Foundation, Organizational Profile, and Academic and R&D Profile) to support and eventually achieve the aspiration of Malaysia in becoming a regional and international educational hub respectively. 

Please refer to the Glossary tab for further details of the measurement for each criteria and indicator that can be useful as a guideline to measure your institution’s strength. When you are satisfied with the assessment result, you may proceed with the assessment by sending related evidence to the Ministry of Higher Education. Please follow the instructions accordingly. This self-assessment is open and accessible from anywhere 24/7. Should you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or call us during office hour.

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