• For new users, click on the ‘New User’ button; which will direct users to the registration page. Registered users, please proceed to step number 3.

Figure 1: Homepage

  • Please fill in all required information therein, failing which you may not be able to proceed. Username and password will be mailed to you within 3 working days.

Figure 2: Registration page

  • With the received username and password, you may proceed with the self-assessment process by clicking the ‘Registered User’ button at the ‘Home’ tab (see Figure 1).  Please remember the given username and password for future use.

Figure 3: Login page.

  • With a successful logged-in, you will be directed to the homepage. Name of institution will be displayed in the dotted box. Here, you are able to access any previously saved information. Or else, you may proceed to the self-assessment questions by clicking the ‘Assessment’ button.

Figure 4: New homepage

  • There are four sections to this self assessment exercise namely the Pre-requisite, Fundamental, Important and Bonus sections. Results will be displayed at the end of each section. After a successful completion of a particular section users may proceed to the next section to its completion. Alternatively, you may complete the assessment later by clicking the ‘Back to Main’ button. The uncompleted assessment will be automatically saved and you may continue the session later.

Figure 5: Result for Pre-requisite section.

  • To review the complete or continue the uncompleted assessment, click on the ‘Score Summary’ button (see step number 4). At the ‘Result Summary’ page, you are able to continue the uncompleted assessment by clicking the ‘Continue Assessment’ button. Review on the full analysis can be performed by clicking the ‘Full Analysis’ button. The full analysis could be printed out by clicking ‘Print Result’ button.

Figure 6: Result summary

  • Users may view the report on the completed assessment by double clicking the ‘Print Report Card’ button.

Figure 7: Print Report Card function

    • After completing the assessment, successful users who are interested to upgrade their status should contact the Administrator (click on ‘Contact Us’ menu button) and prepare all evidence needed which can be obtained from the ‘User Manual’ menu button. In contrast, unsuccessful users are advised to improve any deficiency(s) and redo the assessment at any time convenience.

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